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Shawl in Hijau

Shawl in Hijau

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A delicate batik shawl that embodies a balance of modern elegance and heritage. Made from the finest satin- viscose material, finished with a hand-knotted fringe on both ends. The perfect accessory for adding a touch of class to your outfits.

  • 180cm x 55cm (long fringe finishing)
  • Made in Indonesian artisans using traditional batik techniques
  • Green and brown colour-dye recipes handed down from generation to generation.


    Premium Satin Viscose Blend: Our Satin Viscose Shawl is meticulously crafted from a premium blend of satin and viscose fibers, guaranteeing a combination of opulent texture and exquisite softness.

    Lustrous Satin Finish: This shawl boasts a lustrous satin finish that adds a touch of opulence to your attire, catching the light and ensuring you stand out in style.

    Year-Round Comfort: The breathable viscose component ensures year-round comfort, making this shawl a versatile accessory for any season.

    Shipping & Returns

    We endeavor to ship your Elegant Satin Viscose Shawl within 2 to 3 business days if it's in stock. Our priority is ensuring swift delivery so that you can enjoy this luxurious accessory promptly.


    Product Dimensions:

    W: 180 cm L: 55 cm

    Package Dimensions

    L: 3.5 x W: 40.0 x H: 14.0

    Care Instructions

    Gentle Hand Washing: Immerse your shawl in a gentle bath with mild detergent and clean water.

    Handle with Care: Refrain from twisting or wringing. Rinse gently to maintain the shawl's quality.

    Air Dry Elegance: Pat it dry gently and lay it flat for a natural air-dry that retains its shape.

    Ironing Grace: Use a low heat setting and a protective cloth for any ironing needs.

    Storing in Style: Keep your shawl in a cool, shaded place, away from potential snags like jewelry.

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