Sustainability Commitment

Batik Wayang believes in a sustainable way of life and refuses the usage of any materials which might harm the earth. Our product conception process is unique and meticulously realized to bring to life an organic packaging. 
Batik Wayang prides itself to be a socially-conscious brand and value durable and sustainable fabrication processes for the making of its products :
We support artisans and honest handmade production by doing business with small weaving workshops in the heart of Java, Jepara. The place is famously known as the home of hand-woven organic cotton being used for the exclusive packaging. Its natural dyes used in the process are essentially a form of culture and art philosophy, handed down from generation to generation.
We take care of our communities!

The Batik Wayang Experience

Each detail of the products is infused with years of craftsmanship skill, expertise, care, and represents the richness of the Asian heritage that we wish to protect at all costs. We believe in delivering an authentic product to our customers, with a meaning and a story behind its confection.
The gift boxes accompanying its exclusive packaging are made in the central of Bali, Bangli. For quite some time now, Batik Wayang managed to help build the infrastructure to support and continue to improve the lives of artisans by allowing them to stay close to their families. By choosing gift boxes instead of plastics, we support the efforts made to preserve our beautiful planet and environment. When shopping at Batik Wayang, you support it as well.


Let’s keep taking care of what matters, together.