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Batik Wayang, founded in 2002, became a company dedicated to preserve some of the beautiful motives from South East Asia, re-designed or interpret them in its own vision and manufacture highest quality silk apparels and fashionable accessories. Great attention is given to our Quality Control striving to package only immaculate products has earned a great standing of unrivaled customer satisfaction.


Batik Wayang’s products are manufactured in a small Boutique-Batik factory in Central Java, by artisans who are still using traditional techniques and recipes for their color-dyes, handed down by their parents. Batik wayang has a strong commitment to supporting and promoting fair opportunities to local communities, as well as taking all the steps towards sustainability and pollution prevention, such as using natural AZO dyes. Batik Wayang is proud to be a certified UNICEF producer.

Indonesian Batik – A Piece Of History

Batik is one of the long-time heritage forms of art and fashion in Indonesia, that it’s still being used in the world of fashion today. In 2009, Indonesian Batik was enlisted in the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. Batik Wayang takes pride in using the ancestral Batik Printing Technique handed down from generation to generation to create unique pieces of accessories full of history.

Heritage as a Gift

All of our delicate batik pieces come in an elegant gift box, handcrafted with precision, care, and love. Inside the chosen apparel with the certification of authenticity issued by Quality Control Experts & gift card for customer's personal note. We are very particular about the presentation, hence Batik Wayang, focuses on pentrating the market segment for exclusive gifts and decor with fashionable gift items.