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Batikwayang prides itself on taking immaculate care of every step throughout the production processes. That means not only the attention to craftsmanship of our silk pieces, but also handmade packaging. Batikwayang differs not only by remarkable quality and unique designs, but also by direct socially-conscious cooperation with artisans and honest handmade production. Each aspect of Batikwayang products is infused with years of craftsmanship skill, expertise, care and love.

We prefer hand-crafted packaging as it provides honesty, preciseness and high quality. Batikwayang collaborates with small weaving workshops in the heart of Java, Jepara area, where hand-woven organic cotton fabric is produced and used for our packaging. The recipes for the natural dyes used in the process are handed down from generation to generation. Batikwayang believes in sustaining the trade that is truly worth preserving by promoting employment opportunity for the local artisans.

Batikwayang’s elegant gift boxes are made in the province of Bangli, central Bali. Batikwayang has built the infrastructure to support and improve lives of artisans allowing them to stay close to their families. The result is a beautiful packaging for our delicate silk pieces, charged with love, care and attention to detail.