Founded in 2002, Batik Wayang dedicated itself to preserve beautiful motives found in South East Asia, re-design or interpret them in its own vision, and manufacture highest quality apparel and fashion accessories for customers worldwide. Great attention is given to presentation and Quality Control! Striving to package only immaculate pieces has earned unrivalled customer satisfaction, which allows retail partners to pride zero returns or complaints. The current Batik Wayang Scarf-collection consists of dozens of designs carefully reproduced by hand onto finestSatin - some contemporary, others rather traditional in style to capture a wide audience.


Batik Wayang’s products are manufactured in a small Boutique-Batik factory in Central Java, by artisans who are still using traditional techniques and recipes for their color-dyes, handed down by their parents. Old Asian patterns are reinterpreted by a small team of Batik loving designers and reproduced onto finest Satin to make them part of their collection. Batik wayang has a strong commitment to supporting and promoting fair opportunities to local communities, as well as taking all the steps towards sustainability and pollution prevention, such as using natural AZO dyes. Batik Wayang is proud to be a certified UNICEF producer. For International wholesale please email info@batikwayang.com

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Discover More Versatile sales units with outstanding design elements to carry the brand.

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Alongside the brand’s silk collections of scarves, shawls and fans, Batik Wayang also presents luxury pashmina throws and shawls.
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Every single piece is handmade using batik techniques and only the finest fabrics and highest quality dyes.

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Batikwayang prides itself on taking immaculate care of every step throughout the production processes. That means not only the attention to craftsmanship of our silk pieces, but also handmade packaging.